simbolo Customarily water-based inks are not classified as dangerous products, nevertheless, in some cases they can be labeled as environmental dangerous.
This happens when so-called “fanal” pigments are used. These kinds of pigments are frequently used in the graphics sector for their particular gloss and their intense shade: many colors present in the Pantone catalogue (fuxias, violets, and warm blues) are formulated with such pigments. These substances, being derivatives of aniline dyes, are classified as environmentally dangerous. Alternative products, characterized by less intense shade, are also more expensive.
Despite the fact that there is no harmonized regulation in Europe that limits the use of the “fanal” pigments in food packaging, it is important to take into account that these substances exhibit low fastness with a lot of reagents and, as a consequence, it is necessary to use them only when the substrate guarantees an effective barrier for the migration towards the food.
Recently the metallic pigments Brass (used in gold inks) and Copper have been subject to a change of classification and now they are considered environmental dangerous.