The activity

The company has passed through war events and has always been very careful to the evolution of markets. It has modified its original manufacturing course from a wider and general variety of products – printing and writing ink, glues, varnishes, shoe polishes, etc. – to a defined specialization in the first ‘70s …

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The environment

The policy of the quality at La Sorgente Spa can be brought back to its mission, that is to supply customers with high quality products and services according to very well established standards, a steady quality in time and supported by technical knowledge and competence of very well known …

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The ink manufactured by La Sorgente reach the entire national territory and a lot of areas in the world, in almost all the varieties of flexographic and rotogravure printing plants, both on paper support and plastic films, both for simple identification usage and for ambitious realizations …

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La Sorgente Inchiostri: a benchmark for printers. Read More